Cheese Post: FETA

Of course one of the most popular goat cheeses is feta.  Salt, crumbly, perfect accompaniment to crisp sweet lettuce and onion salad.  I am a bit fussy about my feta - not too salty, and not too mild but with the right balance of lipase and brininess.  I like to crumble it on top of salads, sometimes cube it and brine in olive oil and herbs.  Either way it's tasty and addicting.

Sunshine & Summer

Walks in the fields and woods at Evergreen View Farm - the goats' favorite time of day

Rosalie in the buckwheat
in action
sweet Calico
Sisters Katima and Kaia
grazing the clover
Iris and Tripoli
Iris in the white clover
Trillium and O Coriander
Iris smelling the flowers
Beautiful Bella
Bella again (and Charlotte)
favorite time of day
pretty Kaia



Cimarron: buckskin with blue eyes - SOLD
Crusoe: buckskin with brown eyes - SOLD

Bella's twins

Sugar Moon Mocha Java "Bella" (bred to Capsand Creamery Walker) kidded twins August 1, 2016.  2 large healthy bucklings - no females, hopefully next time.  Like our other best milker Kizzy, it appears Bella is going to be very selective when she has girls.  This pair is adorable with flashy markings and quick, playful personalities.  Bella is milking like a champion once again.  She has a solid dairy background, both her dam and sire placing on ADGA's elite buck and doe list.  Last summer she peaked at 5.3 lbs as a first freshener after weaning her bucklings, and is well on her way to topping that this lactation.

Wether1: chamoise, black/white markings - SOLD
Wether2: chamoise, brown markings - SOLD