Goat love

How fun is this?  Thank you Cheryl for the update!


New home for 2 doelings and 1 buckling. Photos courtesy 
@TheGoatGuild on Instagram.
Thank you Craig, Hannah and girls!  Follow their royal Caprine adventure @TheGoatGuild

Tripoli's 3rd kidding

Sweet Land Tripoli (x Capsand Creamery Walker) - 3rd lactation

DOB: 23 July 2019
L34 buckling/wether: light gold/white random markings SOLD
L35 doeling: "Lusitania" light gold/white random markings RETAINED

Tripoli's sweet brother/sister pair. So cuddly...

Narcissa's 2nd kidding

Sweet Land Narcissa (x Capsand Creamery Walker) - 2nd lactation

DOB: 25 June 2019
L31 buckling/wether: light gold, random white SOLD
L32 doeling: dark buckskin, random white, grey moonspots, frosting, wattles SOLD
L33 doeling: buckskin, random white SOLD

Narcissa's sweet kids at 1 day old!  

Narcissa's triplets

Serafina's 2nd kidding

Sweet Land Serafina (x Sunnydale Farm IB Blue Ice) - 2nd lactation

DOB: 25 June 2019

L28 buckling/wether: gold/white random markings, white poll  SOLD
L29 doeling: *blue eyes* chocolate buckskin, extensive white, white poll, frosted ears & nose SOLD
L30 doeling: dark chocolate, white random markings, white poll RETAINED

Triplets & gorgeous colors out of Serafina & Blue Ice!  We will be retaining at least one of the doelings.

Serafina's triplets

doeling sisters