Last kids for sale 2020:

Available doelings:
M18** (pet quality only, can be paired with M21)

Available wethers:

Available bucklings:
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2020 kids for sale


50% deposit reserves until weaning/pickup.  Farm visits by appointment.  To schedule a visit or if you have any questions, contact us at:

Email: sweetlandnigerians@gmail.com


Message our Facebook Page: "Evergreen View Farm"

We'll get back to you as soon as we can.

*****Please visit our sales policy here: http://sweetlandnigerians.blogspot.com/p/herd-health.html


AGS Registerable Doelings: $350/each 

AGS Registerable Bucklings: $250-$400/each

Wethers: $125/each

****Must go in groups of 2 or more. We like siblings to stay together if possible.

****2020 Registration Letter is "M"

Mocha Java x Black Knight

 Sugar Moon Mocha Java "Bella" x Dawnland Black Knight

Note: Bella apparently had a big say in the markings on these goats.  This should be a dynamic dairy combination.  Retaining the 2 doelings, yippee :)  

DOB: 30 July 2020 - ready of pickup mid-October 

M41 doeling: chamoisee RETAINED
M42 doeling: chamoisee RETAINED
M43 buckling/wether: chamoise, frosted ears  ***1 buckling is RESERVED
M44 buckling/wether: chamoise 

Serafina x Black Knight

Sweet Land Serafina (x Dawnland Black Knight)

DOB: 30 June 2020

Note: Serafina put all her effort into producing one huge buckling.  Robust but a bit "nervous" like his dam, needs reassuring that all is well.  He will do best paired with another wether.

M40 buckling/wether: buckskin, abundant white, roaning, white poll, frosted ears/nose SOLD


Tripoli x Walker

Sweet Land Tripoli (x Capsand Creamery Walker) 

DOB: 28 June 2020 

Note: Tripoli is a wonderful milker. Cute kids with sweet personalities, her genetics have good grazing skills for pasture.

M37 doeling: gold, frosted ears/nose, wattles SOLD
M38 doeling: white/gold, wattles SOLD
M39 buckling/wether: white/gold SOLD


Sybbie x Black Knight

Sweet Land Sybbie (x Dawnland Black Knight)

DOB: 25 June 2020

Note: We get a kick out of these adorable unique markings!  Sybbie always adds some "color" into her kids.  A mischievous and cute pair of brothers.

M35 buckling/wether: black/white broken buckskin, frosted ears SOLD
M36 buckling/wether: tricolor broken buckskin, frosting SOLD


Chianti x Black Knight

Sweet Land Chianti (x Dawnland Black Knight)

DOB: 25 June 2020 -  pickup Sept.

Note: The theme is black & white. Sweet kids. M33 has a special place in our hearts; he was born so tiny and hardly breathing we didn't think he'd make it.  He had a bout with an infection but pulled through after antibiotics and is now thriving.  

M32 doeling: black/white roaning, white poll, frosted ears/nose FOR SALE
M33 buckling/wether: abundant white, roaning, black stockings, white poll FOR SALE
M34 buckling/wether: black, roaning, frosted ears/nose, white poll FOR SALE


Iris x Black Knight

Sweet Land Iris (x Dawnland Black Knight)

DOB: 21 June 2020 -  pickup early Sept.

Note: Iris is one of my favorites.  Sweet pair of brothers.

M30 buckling/wether: black/white, roaning, white poll, frosted ears/nose FOR SALE
M31 buckling/wether: black/white, white poll, frosted ears/nose SOLD