Does 1

List of our herd's foundation does - all from the beautiful Green Mountain State of Vermont.  Click on the links below to see more details on their pedigrees.  These does launched us on the incredibly joyful challenge and fun journey of raising miniature dairy goats.

 Sugar Moon Kizzy dob 3.30.2010

  gdam: 2*M SG NC PromisedLand BW Zippy 5*D AR E90
Powerful and calm.  Kizzy and Cala were our very first goats in Summer 2011 (thank you Emilee!).  Kizzy is a milking powerhouse and our herd queen.  She is smart and calm and an easy milker with large teats and orifices.  She is a consistent producer with a long lactation and wants to be number one.  As a 4th freshener, she peaked at 6.1 lbs and was still milking strong at 4.0 lbs after over 1 year in milk.  She has a fantastic dairy background, and we are excited to have her offspring in our herd.  AGS registered

Sugar Moon Calabash dob 3.31.2010

  gsire: Rosasharn CH Uproar +*S  

  gsire: Roundabout Johnny on the Spot

Mischievous and sassy with an affectionate side, Cala has the sweetest personality and so do her kids.  We love the fact that her grand-sire is Rosasharn Uproar and grand-dam is Promised Land Mizi.  Teat size and orifices improved over each freshening.  She has a soft, collapsible udder.  She adds personality and color to our herd. AGS registered

*Blue eyes* Capsand Creamery Trillium dob 6.19.09

  gsire: Rosasharn UR Honey Nut Cheerio *S  

Lovely blue eyes!  Sweet and shy, Trillium has a calm & endearing temperament.  She came to us from Capsand Creamery in Spring 2012 (thank you Christine!).  Trillium has a lovely well-balanced and -attached udder, and her progenitors are foundational goats in the Nigerian Dwarf dairy line.  She maintains a long lactation and has amazing foraging instincts.  She can spend hours contentedly browsing in the woods.  AGS registered

Sugar Moon V Mocha Java dob 03.04.14 "Bella"

Dam: Sugar Moon Imi-Tatum 3*D AR LA VEEE 90 (overheight)
  gdam: SG NC PromisedLand BW Echo 2*M, 2*D AR VEE90 OH (overheight)

  gsire: +B SG Old Mountain Farm Black Tulip *S 

Beautiful and elegant.  Bella and Nellie came to us from Vermont in Summer 2015 (thank you Valerie!).  Bella is our best milker production-wise, no surprise given the amazing dairy goats in her background, both her dam and sire placing on ADGA's elite buck and doe list.  As a FF, she milked 5.3 lbs after weaning her kids.  As a 2nd freshener, she peaked at 6.7 lbs.  Best of all, she has an easy to milk udder with large teats and maintains a long and steady lactation.  She is born to milk - her sweet and loving personality is icing on the cake.  AGS/ADGA registered

Sugar Moon O Coriander dob 03.18.14 "Nellie"

Dam: Sugar Moon B Zynea

What a character!  Nellie is covered in flashy moonspots and has an affectionate and over the top personality that secures her place in our hearts forever.  She still think she's a little kid and has no idea how large she is when pregnant with quads and quints (1st and 2nd kiddings).  She has a superb, easy to milk udder and terrific production.  AGS registered