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List of our herd's foundation does - all from the beautiful Green Mountain State of Vermont.  Click on the links below to see more details on their pedigrees.  These 5 does are how we fell in love with dairy goats.

 Sugar Moon Kizzy dob 3.30.2010

  gdam: 2*M SG NC PromisedLand BW Zippy 5*D AR E90
Powerful and calm.  Kizzy and Cala were our very first goats in Summer 2011 (thank you Emilee!).  Kizzy is a milking powerhouse and our herd queen.  She is smart and calm and an easy milker with large teats and orifices.  She is a consistent producer with a long lactation and wants to be number one.  As a 4th freshener, she peaked at 6.1 lbs and was still milking strong at 4.0 lbs after over 1 year in milk.  She has a fantastic dairy background, and we are excited to have her offspring in our herd.  AGS registered

Sugar Moon Calabash dob 3.31.2010

  gsire: Rosasharn CH Uproar +*S  

  gsire: Roundabout Johnny on the Spot

Mischievous and sassy with an affectionate side, Cala has the sweetest personality and so do her kids.  We love the fact that her grand-sire is Rosasharn Uproar and grand-dam is Promised Land Mizi.  She adds personality and color to our herd. AGS registered

*Blue eyes* Capsand Creamery Trillium dob 6.19.09

  gsire: Rosasharn UR Honey Nut Cheerio *S  

Lovely blue eyes!  Sweet and shy, Trillium has a calm & endearing temperament.  She came to us from Capsand Creamery in Spring 2012 (thank you Christine!).  Trillium has a lovely udder, and her progenitors are foundational goats in the Nigerian Dwarf dairy line.  She maintains a long lactation.  AGS registered

Sugar Moon V Mocha Java dob 03.04.14 "Bella"

Dam: Sugar Moon Imi-Tatum 3*D AR LA VEEE 90 (overheight)
  gdam: SG NC PromisedLand BW Echo 2*M, 2*D AR VEE90 OH (overheight)

  gsire: +B SG Old Mountain Farm Black Tulip *S 

Beautiful and elegant.  Bella and Nellie came to us from Vermont in Summer 2015 (thank you Valerie!).  Bella is our best milker production-wise, no surprise given the amazing dairy goats in her background, both her dam and sire placing on ADGA's elite buck and doe list.  As a FF, she milked 5.3 lbs after weaning her kids.  As a 2nd freshener, she peaked at 6.7 lbs.  Best of all, she has an easy to milk udder with large teats and maintains a long and steady lactation. She is born to milk - her sweet and loving personality is icing on the cake. AGS/ADGA registered

Sugar Moon O Coriander dob 03.18.14 "Nellie"

Dam: Sugar Moon B Zynea

What a character!  Nellie is covered in flashy moonspots and has an affectionate and over the top personality that secures her place in our hearts forever.  She still think she's a little kid and has no idea how large she is when pregnant with quads and quints (1st and 2nd kiddings)!  She has a superb, easy to milk udder and terrific production.  AGS registered

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