*Blue Eyes* God's Love Farm James

Dam: ARMCH God's Love Farm Cloudy 2*D AR2226
  gdam: Hermitage Hill L's Little Lady *D E AR1964
  gsire: Fairlea Hamlet *S E

Sire: Doemain Acres Flash Gordon
  gdam: Valley View MS Katie Rae
  gsire: Kaapio Acre's RA Whiskey Blues AI *S

God's Love James has been a terrific addition to the herd.  He passes on beautiful blue eyes, as well as a calm and gentle temperament to his offspring.  His dam has great milking genetics and conformation (link: http://doodleacresgoats.com/finished-champions.html).  AGS registered

Cloudy's 3rd freshening udder. (Photo courtesy of Phoenix Rising Farm)
                                 Cloudy received a linear appraisal score of VVEE 90 in 2013                                             (Photo courtesy of Phoenix Rising Farm)

Capsand Creamery Walker

Dam: Capsand Creamery Andromeda
  gdam: Sugar Moon Cassiopeia
  gsire: Snowy Ledge Rocky Bal-Beau-A

Sire: Dragonfly IH Bandito Burrito *S
  gdam: ARMCH Twin Creeks MB Stellaluna *D E AR2097
  gsire: PromisedLand Incredible Hunk +*S

Walker came to us as a kid in Spring 2014 from Capsand Creamery in Vermont (thank you Christine).  He is spunky and always ready for the extra attention and treat.  Bandito's dam (Walker's g-dam), ARMCH Twin Creeks MB Stellaluna *D E, was an AGS Top Ten milker in 2008 and gave 7.7 lbs at 8 years of age.  AGS registered

Apollo's dam "Moon Spinner's Yellow Feather"

Indigo Creek Farm's Apollo

Dam: Moon Spinner's Yellow Feather
  gdam: Promised Land DBA Storm Watch
  gsire: Moon Spinner's Cisco D'Oro

Sire: Indigo Creek Farms AceOfHearts
  gdam: Indigo Creek Farm's Faith
  gsire: Moon Spinner's Blue Shin *S

Apollo was our first buck and is known for his flashy kids with sweet personalities.  Appropriately named for the Greek God of Love, he has matured into a nice buck with a playful personality and flashy good looks.  AGS/NDGA registered