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    Kidding 2018 Update: We are excited for the upcoming kidding season!  Thank you for your inquiries - if you are on our waiting list we'll contact you when we have kids for sale.  You can also follow our Facebook page "Evergreen View Farm" where we post any available kids for sale.

    Contact us by email or through Evergreen View Farm's FB page.  Please include information on what you are looking for, your setup and background with goats (new owners welcome but please make sure that you can provide proper care and facilities).  We are happy to answer your questions.  Excellent homes, serious inquires please.  Located in Lowville, NY.

    CAE, CL, Johnnes, Brucellosis, and TB-negative herd

    We strive to keep our small herd of purebred Nigerian Dwarf goats happy & healthy. Sweet Land Nigerians is a closed herd and consistently tests negative for goat diseases (August 2012, June 2015, January 2017).  

    Our AGS registered does came from farms in the neighboring state of Vermont, and were born into herds free of disease and raised with care.  They are treated like queens and the result is fresh, clean milk with a sweet taste and no off-flavors. We purchase only from healthy, well-managed herds to ensure that the does, bucks, and their offspring remain healthy and disease-free. For the health and safety of our goats, we do not offer stud service or boarding that would involve other goats coming onto our property.

    Sales Policy:

    • We want to ensure that each kid has the best possible start.  All kids we sell are bottlefed Nigerian Dwarf goats milk from birth until weaning at 8-12 wks, disbudded (horn buds removed soon after birth), vaccinated for CDT, supplemented with herbs and minerals, dewormed, come with registration applications and tattooed (if applicable), and wethered by burdizzo for castrated males/pets.  No animal will be sold unless we feel they are in optimum health.  Each goat will come with health records and a recommended future care sheet.

    • Goats require:
              * lots of love * 
              * a clean, dry, protected shelter *
              * fresh water, free-choice quality hay, minerals *
              * secure fencing to keep goats in and predators out *
              * grain, minerals for growing babies, lactating doe, breeding bucks *
              * a safe environment free of hazards & poisonous plants *
              * access to a veterinarian who will treat goats *
              * regular health care and de-worming *
              * routine hoof trimming *
              * a caprine companion *

    • When kids are around 8 weeks old we begin weaning them, and decide who to retain and who to sell.  If you are interested in a particular breeding, bucklings, doelings, or wethers, let us know what you are looking for and we will put your name on our waiting list and contact you with kids for sale when they are ready for their new homes.  Kids are usually ready to leave between 10-12 weeks old after we ensure they are eating and drinking well on their own.  

    • Buyers are responsible for the following additional costs: 1) any additional blood tests or other health related examinations which are required by you or your state, and 2) registration fees and/or transfer of registration certificates to your name.
    • We'll assist and recommend resources to anyone who is new to goats. However, we encourage you to do research on goat care before making your first purchase.  Buying a goat is a serious responsibility and requires ongoing education and upkeep.  When you buy from us, you are agreeing to provide suitable accommodations for this goat. This includes good nutrition, water, and shelter, as well as proper hoof trimming, deworming, vet care, etc.

    • We will not sell an animal that we know to be sick in any way.  We take great care to ensure all of our animals are loved and well cared for and will give you continued support after your purchase. However, once the goat has left our farm, we can no longer guarantee its health under the stress of changing environments.  We do not offer refunds or trades.  We cannot guarantee the size or fertility of intact bucks or does.

    Goats are incredibly wonderful creatures, whether for dairy or pets, or both!  We hope you find many rewards from raising these sweet and spunky animals.  We love receiving updates and pictures.  We wish you and your goats the best in their new homes!

    Contact us:  

    Nafziger family

    Evergreen View Farm's website & facebook page