Oh the weather outside is frightful....

.... But warm straw is so delightful.  And since we've no place to go, 
Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow.

Merry Christmas!

goats milk soaps

2017 Christmas Update:  New farmstead soaps for sale in the 
Old Barn Mercantile (Evergreen View Farm, Lowville NY)

The farm's lovely milking girls provide us with beautiful milk for skin-nourishing soaps.  Excited to introduce new scents and beneficial ingredients this season; including essential oil bars, men's bars, and luxury shea butter bars.  A few of my favorites this season include: "heirloom lilac" with sweet almond oil, "sweet orange + spicy ginger" with essential oils"; root beer float" (men's bar); and "pomegranate + orange" shea butter bar.

Facebook Page: "Evergreen View Farm"
Website: www.evergreenviewfarm.weebly.com

Happy Christmas 2017

One of the "outtakes".  After Caprice jumps off and Hudson flashing the camera.  Echo, of course is perfect.  Taking pictures with animals - never boring.

milk test results

Update from Jessica, Garden View Nigerians:

Sweet Land Callie yearling FF- 173 days fresh, 474lbs milk, 32lbs (7.2%) BF, 20lbs (4.7%) Protein - Meets star requirements for BF and Protein already! She is projected to milk 1014lbs milk / 305 day lactation
Sweet Land Winnie yearling FF - 164 days fresh, 463lbs milk, 28lbs (7.0%) BF, 20lbs (5.4%) Protein - Meets star requirements for BF and Protein already! She is projected to milk 970lbs milk / 305 day lactation

Flashback - Summer 2015

Oh my - found this video back from Summer 2015 (2 years ago!).  
I love these girls.  Makes me nostalgic for summer already.

halloween fun

okay, cutest trick-or-treaters ever!!
photos by Colleen

Update: Tula, Tashi, Fiona

Such a sweet bunch of doelings.  Update from Colleen:

They are lovely goats and they are so much fun.  They love their walks but sometimes lag behind when distracted by grass/leaves!  Sending a video of Tashi flying!  They are acrobats!  They bring us a lot of joy.  Thank you.

Tashi's impressive flying leap

ride home - Grandma holding Fiona, Trent holding Tashi, Colleen holding Tula
new play platform
perfect day for a walk with goats
Trent with his favorite Tashi

Autumn woods

I love these girls.  It's their favorite time of day.