Kizzy's twins

Sweet Land's herd queen, Sugar Moon Kizzy (bred to Capsand Creamery Walker) kidded twins July 14, 2016.  Thinking she was bred to James, it was interesting when both kids came out with wattles, a sure sign they came from Walker.  Walker escaped his pen when I brought Kizzy in to James.  Apparently the quick encounter was more thorough than it appeared, and Walker beat James to the chase.  I was intending to breed Kizzy to Walker and did so the month before, but when she came back into heat decided to repeat a breeding with James.  I guess Walker wanted to finish the job - goat breeding can take place very quickly, in seconds.  Escaped goats - keeping things interesting.....

Regardless, the results from this breeding look great.  Both kids are solid and healthy, and Serafina is leggy and long, very dairy.  I am glad Kizzy provided a girl this year.... I have waited a long time for a chocolate doeling and a mini-Kizzy personality wise.  She of course is the favorite kid from this season.  Now that Kizzy is reaching "maturity", it's nice to have a daughter in the milking lineup who reminds me so much of her mama.  

"Serafina" H10 chocolate/white, wattles, frosted ears & nose - RETAINED
"Zephyr" H9 : buckskin, wattles - RETAINED

Kizzy's "whiz kids"