Spring Kids 2014


The tasks of kidding time include bottle feeding, disbudding, castrating, vaccinating, and tattooing for registration.  We spend lots of time with the baby kids to ensure they are friendly with humans and well-mannered.  They also learn to eat hay and grain and drink water from a pail by modeling the older herd members.  We want to ensure that each kid has the best possible start in life.  All kids we sell are disbudded, vaccinated for CDT, come with registration papers (if applicable), and wethered (for castrated males/pets) no sooner than 8 weeks. 

Spring Kids 2014

April 12, 2014 (Calantha: 2 bucklings, 1 doeling)
“Charlotte” doeling.  Blonde with white markings. Blue eyes. (Retained)
Wether1 - Castrated Male. Orange with white markings, frosted ears.  Blue eyes. (Sold)
Wether2- Castrated Male. Black, white, tan.  Brown eyes. (Sold)

April 14, 2014 (Kizzy: 1 buckling, 2 doelings)
“Levi” buckling.  Brown, black dorsal stripe, random white markings.  Blue eyes. (Sold)
“Katima” doeling.  Orange with gray moonspots.  Blue eyes. (Retained)
“Kaia” doeling.  Orange with random white markings, frosted ears and muzzle. Blue eyes. (Retained)

May 4, 2014 (Calabash: 1 buckling, 2 doelings)
“Cinnamon” buckling. Solid orange. Brown eyes. (Sold)
- “Coco” doeling.  Copper with black markings. Blue eyes. (Retained)
- “Claire” doeling. Orange with white markings. Frosted ears.  Blue eyes. (Sold)

What's Included in the Sale

Each doeling and buckling comes with their own completed & signed application for AGS registration.  Your goat will receive a tattoo in each ear for AGS registration & identification purposes.  Kids will be disbudded (horn buds removed).  Each kid will receive probiotics, vitamin & mineral supplements, and herbal dewormer while under our care.  Kids will receive a CDT vaccination at 4 & 8 wks of age.  Samples of Purina goat chow and hay will be provided at pickup.  Kids will be weaned & eating/drinking on their own prior to release (at 8-10 wks).  Hooves will be trimmed.  I can demonstrate hoof trimming at pickup if requested.  All goats will receive beneficial probiotics prior to leaving to aid with the stresses associated with travel.  We are here to help with any questions before, as well as after the sale. We welcome any updates & photo's of the kids in their new loving homes!