Winter Wonderland


Calabash was bred to Apollo and is due in February, and getting bigger every day.  She is now dried off as her body prepares for the miracle of birth.  Her triplets of last spring were beautiful with wonderful personalities.  The owners' of one of her kids from last season say that the little wether has the sweetest personality of any goat they ever owned!  We can attest that Cadence also has her mother's affection, as well her curiosity and penchant for mischief. 

Kizzy and Trillium were both bred to a blue-eyed buck last month, and we'll know in a few weeks whether they settle.  This was the first time using the new buck God's Love James.  He has a calm, steady personality and seems to be the right match for both Kizzy and Trillium.  Now in her second lactation, Kizzy is our top milker.  Her milking records have proven her terrific milking ability and long lactation!  We are now milking her once/day, and she is still giving a steady quart every morning.  Trillium is another girl with quality genetics, and I'm hoping some of her offspring will have blue eyes.  Christine from CapsandCreamery says that Titanium, Trillium's doeling from last season, is the strongest and fastest growing kid from her 2012 group.  Titanium also has stunning black markings and her dam's beautiful sky-blue eyes.

The girls love their pine needles and daily walks in the winter.  Exercise is important for the health of pregnant does.  Their dense winter coats keep them warm in the often below freezing temperatures.  When Cadence puffs her hair up in the morning she resembles a strange kind of polar bear.  Cadence sometimes races with our yellow Labrador Hudson, though neither knows where the finish line is.  They also love treats of crunchy carrots & turnips from last summer's garden.  Happily for now, summer is a distant memory in this winter wonderland.   

Chickens & Ducks:

Heritage Breed Buckeye (ALBC threatened list). These chickens are friendly and active,a favorite of ours.

Barred Rock and Delaware

Welsh Harlequin Ducks (ALBC critical list)

*ALBC stands for the "American Livestock Breeds Conservancy" - ALBC website

"The American Livestock Breeds Conservancy protects genetic diversity in livestock and poultry species through the conservation and promotion of endangered breeds. These rare breeds are part of our national heritage and represent a unique piece of the earth's bio-diversity. The loss of these breeds would impoverish agriculture and diminish the human spirit. We have inherited a rich variety of livestock breeds. For the sake of future generations we must work together to safeguard these treasures.

These breeds are threatened because agriculture has changed. Modern food production now favors the use of a few highly specialized breeds selected for maximum output in a controlled environment. Many traditional livestock breeds have lost popularity and are threatened with extinction. These traditional breeds are an essential part of the American agricultural inheritance."