Friday night pizza

from-scratch pizza with goat's milk mozzarella

snack time in the barn

If it's too blustery for a walk, we bring the browse to them.
Fresh trees in February - perfect winter snacking.  Happy girls!

farmstead cheese

Ash ripened aged goat cheese.  I'm addicted to this stuff.  Milk production is steady so the cheese cellar is being put to good use.
aged chevre

PromisedLand Mizi

3*M AR NC PromisedLand Mizi 5*D AR
Rest in Peace sweet Mizi.  She recently died at age 11, and will be missed.  She was owned by Sugar Moon Farm in Vermont, Old Mountain Farm & Feather and Scale Farm in Maine.  An amazing dairy goat, she passed on solid dairy characteristics in so many of her progeny in the Northeast.  She is g-dam to one of our favorite does, Calabash, several of whom's offspring we have also retained.  She had a great life with people who truly loved and cared for her.  Her genetics live on.

photo courtesy of Cheryl Moore Smith



goat's milk sour cream-raspberry-cardamom coffee cake
& goat's milk vanilla yoghurt

winter walk

video by Renee W.

Goats love their winter walks in the snow - Sweet Land Blue Willow, Ruby, Tiger Lily and their kids.  Tiger Lily looks so much like her dam Trillium and her funny dancing-walk just like Trillium's.  Beautiful goats!

Oh the weather outside is frightful....

.... But warm straw is so delightful.  And since we've no place to go, 
Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow.

Merry Christmas!

goats milk soaps

2017 Christmas Update:  New farmstead soaps for sale in the 
Old Barn Mercantile (Evergreen View Farm, Lowville NY)

The farm's lovely milking girls provide us with beautiful milk for skin-nourishing soaps.  Excited to introduce new scents and beneficial ingredients this season; including essential oil bars, men's bars, and luxury shea butter bars.  A few of my favorites this season include: "heirloom lilac" with sweet almond oil, "sweet orange + spicy ginger" with essential oils"; root beer float" (men's bar); and "pomegranate + orange" shea butter bar.

Facebook Page: "Evergreen View Farm"

Happy Christmas 2017

One of the "outtakes".  After Caprice jumps off and Hudson flashing the camera.  Echo, of course is perfect.  Taking pictures with animals - never boring.

milk test results

Update from Jessica, Garden View Nigerians:

Sweet Land Callie yearling FF- 173 days fresh, 474lbs milk, 32lbs (7.2%) BF, 20lbs (4.7%) Protein - Meets star requirements for BF and Protein already! She is projected to milk 1014lbs milk / 305 day lactation
Sweet Land Winnie yearling FF - 164 days fresh, 463lbs milk, 28lbs (7.0%) BF, 20lbs (5.4%) Protein - Meets star requirements for BF and Protein already! She is projected to milk 970lbs milk / 305 day lactation