bucks' bachelor pad

boys' summer digs - Apollo, Walker, James
James wishes his "chicks" were of the caprine variety, not poultry
goat yoga?
heaven on earth for old guy James - a tree for head rubs

goodbye again

bittersweet.... more kids leaving this weekend -
going to miss them - but love that they are going to wonderful homes :)


Simba & Blossom aka Sage exploring their new home
(middle goats, dark gold and light gold)

Cheese curds

I love the "fancier" goat cheeses but still
nothing beats good old fashioned squeaky curds

plain salted

red pepper and herbs

Update: Sweet Land Calico

2 x 1st place yearling milker
2 x Grand Champion Senior doe (CH leg)
2 x Best of Breed

Sweet Land Callie, shown by Jessica Miller
at Wayne County Fair ADGA-sanctioned show judged by David Funk
photos by Jessica Miller

more photos at Aleesha Nicole Photos


happy boys "Snickers" and "Milky Way" at their new home


"Kristoff" and "Klondike" exploring their new home... the alpacas are curious about their new neighbors!

gorgeous, soft alpaca yarn from Galen and Zuri

Update: Cooper & Josh

Hi there! Today is Coop and Josh's birthday and they are doing great. We thought you might want to see some recent pictures. They love eating fresh blueberries from the bush and maple leaves and whatever else they find while on nature walks. They get along great with the pugs, chickens and cats. Cooper(red collar) is our mischievous goat and Josh(blue collar) is our obedient goat but both are absolutely adorable. We love these little guys so much. Thank you for letting us adopt them!

From Sophia and her big sister Julia

"Happy Birthday!" to these sweet boys - 1 year old

homegrown food

farm-fresh summer menu
 ~ salad with feta, Tamworth ham sandwich, and Joe's best sweet corn ~ 

Trillium's Kidding 2017

Trillium's sweet triplets

Capsand Creamery Trillium (x Indigo Creek Apollo) kidded triplets on 13 August 2017: 2 doelings, 1 buckling.  She had an extended break as she turned out not to be bred last year.  This year BioPryn confirmed her pregnancy, and they are cuties!  

J26 Doeling black/white, frosted ears "Tula"
J27 Doeling white, random deep gold  "Tashi"
J28 Buckling light gold "Tucker"

our first "mini Holstein"
sweet sisters