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2019 kids are listed on the FOR SALE PAGE 

We are excited for the upcoming kidding season!  We will post kids for sale here on this website.  Or you can follow our Facebook page "Evergreen View Farm" for updates of kids for sale.  Any questions, feel free to contact us.


Narcissa's 2nd kidding

Sweet Land Narcissa (x Capsand Creamery Walker) - 2nd lactation

DOB: 25 June 2019
L31 buckling/wether: light gold, random white
L32 doeling: dark buckskin, random white, grey moonspots, frosted ears/nose
L33 doeling: dark buckskin, random white

Narcissa's sweet kids at 1 day old!  

Narcissa's triplets

Serafina's 2nd kidding

Sweet Land Serafina (x Sunnydale Farm IB Blue Ice) - 2nd lactation

DOB: 25 June 2019

L28 buckling/wether: gold/white random markings, white poll  RESERVED
L29 doeling: *blue eyes* chocolate/brown/white random markings, white poll, frosted ears RESERVED
L30 doeling: dark chocolate, white random markings, white poll RETAINED

Triplets & gorgeous colors out of Serafina & Blue Ice!  We will be retaining at least one of the doelings.

Serafina's triplets

doeling sisters

Shadow Baby's 3rd kidding 2019

Sweet Land Kadence "Shadow Baby" (x Dawnland RR Black Knight) - 3rd lactation

DOB: 23 June 2019

L26 buckling/wether: black with white markings, white poll, frosted nose/ears, wattles RESERVED
L27 buckling/wether: black RESERVED

Twin bucklings from our "cool kid" Shadow Baby born in early morning hours.  Vigorous and chunky "hunks."

Bella's 3rd kidding 2019

Sugar Moon Mocha Java "Bella" (x Sunnydale Farm IB Blue Ice) 
- 3rd lactation

DOB: 21 June 2019

L22 buckling: *blue eyes* light gold  RETAINED
L23 doeling: *blue eyes* light gold, white poll RETAINED
L24 doeling: light brown, white poll RESERVED
L25 doeling: chocolate brown, white poll, frosted ears RESERVED

Bella kidded in with quads!  This is our most exciting pairing of the year from our top producer.  The combination of genetics from Sugar Moon and Castle Rock is exciting.  We will be retaining at least one of these kids.

how cute is this bunch?!
this chocolate color combination is perfect coming from "Mocha Java"