Christmas kids

Siri & Mollie are ready for Christmas Season 2018 at Evergreen View Farm

Serafina's 1st kidding 2018

a very pregnant Serafina
Sweet Land Serafina (x Indigo Creek Apollo) - 1st lactation

DOB: 26 August 2018

Doeling K16 "Siri" - black/white, white poll, wattles
Buckling K17 "Solomon" - buckskin, white poll, wattles
Buckling K18 "Shiloh" - white, brown, grey, facial stripes

Kizzy's daughter does not disappoint!  Serafina kidded triplets and milks like an old soul on the milk stand.  Love this one and will be retaining her daughter.

Shadow Baby's 2nd kidding 2018

Sweet Land Kadence "Shadow Baby" (x Indigo Creek Apollo) - 2nd lactation

DOB: 23 August 2018

K13 Buckling "Shasta" - black, frosted ears/nose
K14 Doeling "Somali" "aka Mollie"- white/black, white poll, frosting
K15 Buckling "Sylvan" - black/white/brown random markings 

Beautiful babies from our resident "cool kid" Shadow Baby.  2nd kidding, triplets again!  


Pictures & Update from Colleen (Tula, Tashi & Fiona) "We celebrated the goats' first birthday. Just thought I'd share a couple photos. They are doing great!"

Rosalie's 1st kidding 2018

Sweet Land Rosalie (x Sweet Land Zephyr) - 1st lactation

DOB: 17 July 2018

K10 Buckling "Buckshot" - dark buckskin, white poll, frosted ears, blue eyes
K11 Buckling "Rudy" - black
K12 Buckling "Robin" - black with frosted ears

First kidding for Rosalie, 3 bucklings!