2016 Kids

None available for sale at this time.  If you are on the waiting list, we will contact you with available kids.    

Cheese Post: FETA

Of course one of the most popular goat cheeses is feta.  Salt, crumbly, perfect accompaniment to crisp sweet lettuce and onion salad.  I am a bit fussy about my feta - not too salty, and not too mild but with the right balance of lipase and brininess.  I like to crumble it on top of salads, sometimes cube it and brine in olive oil and herbs.  Either way it's tasty and addicting.

Sunshine & Summer

Walks in the fields and woods at Evergreen View Farm - the goats' favorite time of day

Rosemary in the buckwheat
in action
sweet Calico
Sisters Katima and Kaia
grazing the clover
Iris and Tripoli
Iris in the white clover
Trillium and O Coriander
Iris smelling the flowers
Beautiful Bella
Bella again (and Charlotte)
favorite time of day
pretty Kaia

Bella's twins

Sugar Moon Mocha Java "Bella" (bred to Capsand Creamery Walker) kidded twins August 1, 2016.  Yes... twins seem to be the theme this year.  2 large healthy bucklings - no females - hopefully next time.  Like our other best milker Kizzy, it appears Bella is going to be very selective when she has girls (last year she had triplet bucklings).  This pair is adorable with flashy markings and quick, playful personalities.  Bella is milking like a champion once again.  She has a solid dairy background including NC Promised Land Echo 2*M.  Last summer she peaked at 5.3 lbs as a first freshener after weaning her bucklings, and is well on her way to topping that this lactation.  Her milk is much appreciated to bottlefeed her big kids with extra left over for some new soap making.

Wether 1: black chamoise
Wether 2: chocolate chamoise

brothers and best buddies

Kizzy's twins

Wesley the Wether and big sis Serafina

Sweet Land's herd queen, Sugar Moon Kizzy (bred to Capsand Creamery Walker) kidded twins July 14, 2016.  Thinking she was bred to James, it was interesting when both kids came out with wattles, a sure sign they came from Walker.  Walker escaped his pen when I brought Kizzy in to James.  Apparently the quick encounter was more thorough than it appeared, and Walker beat James to the chase.  I was intending to breed Kizzy to Walker and did so the month before, but when she came back into heat decided to repeat a breeding with James.  I guess Walker wanted to finish the job - goat breeding can take place very quickly, in seconds.  Escaped goats - keeping things interesting.....

Regardless, the results from this breeding look great.  Both kids are solid and healthy, and Serafina is leggy and long, very dairy.  I am glad Kizzy provided a girl this year.... I have waited a long time for a chocolate doeling and a mini-Kizzy personality wise.  She of course is the favorite kid from this season.  Now that Kizzy is reaching "maturity", it's nice to have a daughter in the milking lineup who reminds me so much of her mama.  

"Serafina" chocolate/white, wattles, frosted ears & nose
"Wesley" wether: buckskin, wattles

Kizzy's "whiz kids"

Kaia's twins

Sweet Land Kaia (bred to Capsand Creamery Walker) kidded 2 bucklings June 21, 2016.  Kaia's first kidding last spring of triplets included Iris's difficult crown presentation.  This time, both kids were born with perfect presentation in the diving position of nose and feet forward.  Kaia loved her extra raspberry leaves to help with a healthy pregnancy and to give her more energy during labor.  It went without a hitch - other than the fact that she chose to give birth in the wee spooky hours of a lightning storm!  Both kids are strong and healthy, and Kaia is doing wonderful - vigorous appetites all round.  The twins are best buddies and will make great pet wethers for a special family.

Wether1:  Orange/white buckling, white poll, blue eyes
Wether2:  Black/white roan buckling, black stockings, white poll, wattles

Charlotte's twins

Sweet-tempered Charlotte kidded twin doelings on May 18, 2016.  She was bred to rambunctious buck Walker again for her 2nd kidding and like last year, it was an easy birth.  Both doelings have hearty appetites & strong sucking reflexes.  One has coloring very similar to Charlotte, a light pinkish color; her sister is a flashy tricolor.  They are a cute pair!  Here they go exploring the plum thicket in the beautiful May sunshine.

Light gold doeling "Winn Dixie"
Brown/black/white frosted ears, nose "Calico"

Calico & Winn Dixie