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Our soaps are also available at
Nolt's Country Store, 7189 State Route 812, Lowville NY 13367

Purchased some of your goats milk skin products today at Nolts. Love em. Can’t wait for our next trip up there to try out some more. - Nancy, on Facebook

farmstead soap

new batches curing
Evergreen View Farm's goat herd is loving spring pasture after a long Northern New York winter!  Since our soap supply is running low, it's time to get more batches curing.  In between regular spring farm work, we are having fun blending new scents and ingredients.  Grass fed, mineral rich milk from new spring pasture creates ultra-nourishing soaps and lotions.  These farmstead soaps, lotions and whipped body butters are for sale locally as well as at our farm year-round.  Limited edition Christmas scents will be available at the Red Barn Mercantile during the Christmas tree season in December 2018.

dairy notes

Sweet Land Levi (Sugar Moon Kizzy x God's Love Farm James) sired quads this spring by Capsand Creamery Andromeda in Vermont.  All female!  Levi's daughter Capsand Creamery Milky Way (dam: Capsand Creamery Andromeda) kidded twin doelings this spring as a 2nd freshener.  Andromeda is dam to our buck Capsand Creamery Walker.  Christine says that Andromeda continues to impress with the longest lactation and top capacity in her herd.  I'm seeing this trait passed on in offspring from Walker and Kizzy and James' offspring as well.  Most of our does milked through the winter and are maintaining steady production on spring pasture.  Solid capacity through extended lactations will continue to be one of our goals in future breedings.

Levi's daughter Milky Way at Capsand Creamery in Vermont
photo by Christine

Kidding 2018

Kidding 2018 Update: We are excited for the upcoming kidding season!  Thank you for your inquiries - if you are on our waiting list we'll contact you when we have kids for sale.  You can also follow our Facebook page "Evergreen View Farm" where we post any available kids for sale.


Friday night pizza

from-scratch pizza with goat's milk mozzarella

snack time in the barn

If it's too blustery for a walk, we bring the browse to them.
Fresh trees in February - perfect winter snacking.  Happy girls!

farmstead cheese

Ash ripened aged goat cheese.  I'm addicted to this stuff.  Milk production is steady so the cheese cellar is being put to good use.
aged chevre

PromisedLand Mizi

3*M AR NC PromisedLand Mizi 5*D AR
Rest in Peace sweet Mizi.  She recently died at age 11, and will be missed.  She was owned by Sugar Moon Farm in Vermont, Old Mountain Farm & Feather and Scale Farm in Maine.  An amazing dairy goat, she passed on solid dairy characteristics in so many of her progeny in the Northeast.  She is g-dam to one of our favorite does, Calabash, several of whom's offspring we have also retained.  She had a great life with people who truly loved and cared for her.  Her genetics live on.

photo courtesy of Cheryl Moore Smith