goats milk soaps

2017 Christmas Update:  New farmstead soaps for sale in the 
Old Barn Mercantile (Evergreen View Farm, Lowville NY)

The farm's lovely milking girls provide us with beautiful milk for skin-nourishing soaps.  Excited to introduce new scents and beneficial ingredients this season; including essential oil bars, men's bars, and luxury shea butter bars.  A few of my favorites this season include: "heirloom lilac" with sweet almond oil, "sweet orange + spicy ginger" with essential oils"; root beer float" (men's bar); and "pomegranate + orange" shea butter bar.

Facebook Page: "Evergreen View Farm"
Website: www.evergreenviewfarm.weebly.com

Happy Christmas 2017

One of the "outtakes".  After Caprice jumps off and Hudson flashing the camera.  Echo, of course is perfect.  Taking pictures with animals - never boring.

milk test results

Update from Jessica, Garden View Nigerians:

Sweet Land Callie yearling FF- 173 days fresh, 474lbs milk, 32lbs (7.2%) BF, 20lbs (4.7%) Protein - Meets star requirements for BF and Protein already! She is projected to milk 1014lbs milk / 305 day lactation
Sweet Land Winnie yearling FF - 164 days fresh, 463lbs milk, 28lbs (7.0%) BF, 20lbs (5.4%) Protein - Meets star requirements for BF and Protein already! She is projected to milk 970lbs milk / 305 day lactation

Flashback - Summer 2015

Oh my - found this video back from Summer 2015 (2 years ago!).  
I love these girls.  Makes me nostalgic for summer already.

Update: Tula, Tashi, Fiona

Such a sweet bunch of doelings.  Update from Colleen:

They are lovely goats and they are so much fun.  They love their walks but sometimes lag behind when distracted by grass/leaves!  Sending a video of Tashi flying!  They are acrobats!  They bring us a lot of joy.  Thank you.

Tashi's impressive flying leap

ride home - Grandma holding Fiona, Trent holding Tashi, Colleen holding Tula
new play platform
perfect day for a walk with goats
Trent with his favorite Tashi

goodbye again

bittersweet.... more kids leaving this weekend -
going to miss them - but love that they are going to wonderful homes :)