Kadence's Kidding 2017

Sweet Land Kadence (x Indigo Creek Farms Apollo) kidded triplets on 23 April 2017.  This is Kadence aka "Shadow Baby's" first kidding.  Kadence's dam Katima is one of my best milkers and Kadence has a beautiful FF udder with a nice foreudder attachment & strong medial.  Her boys look and act just like her and her spunky girl got her color from Apollo's flashy good looks. Update: 3.8 lbs 4 weeks fresh

J8 Buckling "Seneca" black, frosted ears/nose, wattles
J9 Buckling "Sequoia" black, frosted ears/nose, wattles
J 10 Doeling "Sybil" tricolor, white, brown, gray, wattles


Spring's on its way

tree cleanup crew

best pals

growing up...

soaking up the sunshine

like daughter
like mother

Tripoli's kidding 2017

sweet things!

Sweet Land Tripoli (x Capsand Creamery Walker) kidded quads 
30 March 2017.  This was Tripoli's first kidding, and her kids share her looks and gentle and lively personality.  Tripoli has a well attached udder with good capacity and easy let down like her dam Trillium.  Her teats are smallish but will be bigger as they stretch.  I'm hoping she shares her dam Trillium's length of lactation.  Update: 3.5 lbs 5 weeks fresh

J4 Doeling "Tessia": gold/white, white poll, frosted ears/nose
J5 Doeling "Tulsi": white/gold, wattles
J6 Doeling "Tulip": gold/white, white poll, frosted ears
J7 Buckling "Tamarack": gold/white





hours old  - tiny Tulip

Katima's kidding 2017

Katima waits patiently - first timer Tripoli takes notes

Sweet Land Katima (x Capsand Creamery Walker) started this year's kidding season with triplet bucklings on 29 March 2017.  This was Katima's 2nd kidding after being milked through over a year as a first freshener.  She's a dedicated milker like her dam Kizzy - I love having one of my favorites back on the milkstand again.  She has large teats and is very easy to milk.  
Update: 4.3 lbs 3 weeks fresh

J1 Buckling "Kingsley" white/black, frosted ears, blue eyes
J2 Buckling "Kristoff" light gold/white, wattles, blue eyes
J3 Buckling "Klondike" gold, frosted ears, blue eyes

blue-eyed boys




everything's better with (goat's milk) butter

It just tastes better with butter.  Julia Child taught me well.
The farm's Holstein/Jersey cross Jazzy is on maternity leave, so my awesome milking girls have picked up the slack.  Several are being milked through to give us a steady supply of milk this winter and spring.  Culturing the raw cream for 24 hrs gives it a delicious tang and increases probiotic cultures.  The cultured buttermilk is amazing for baking too - this is the real stuff!  Unlike yellow butter from grass fed cows, butter from the goats' milk is pure white.  These girls have already converted beta carotene into Vitamin A - thus their butter's pristine whiteness.  The butter yield from goat's milk versus cow's milk is greater since Nigerian Dwarf's butterfat% can be up to 10% in late lactation.  In my experience, goats are all around more efficient and smarter than cows.  And as Julia Child says, "If you're afraid of butter, use cream." :)

goat's milk yoghurt

Yoghurt was the first thing I made with milk from my first goats, Kizzy & Cala, and regularly since then.  That first attempt I started out with 1 quart of milk- now it's 2 gallons at a time, every couple of weeks because we eat a lot of it. Goat's milk yoghurt is creamy and thick.  I don't add any sweeteners, thickeners, or artificial flavors....it's just goat's milk + fermented probiotic cultures.  An extended fermentation makes it thick and creamy like Greek-style but retains all the vitamins & minerals contained in whey.  Topped with jam from the farm's organic strawberries, it's delicious.

Herd Health Update

CAE, CL, Johnnes, Brucellosis, and TB-free herd

We work hard to keep our small herd of purebred Nigerian Dwarf goats happy & healthy. Sweet Land Nigerians is a closed herd and consistently tests negative for goat diseases (August 2012, June 2015, January 2017). Cute new kids are on the way.  This year's kidding season begins late March/April 2017.  Kudos to the girls for keeping us in a steady supply of milk all winter for butter and cheese making!

Merry Christmas

Evergreen View Tree Farm
Season 2016

Cocoa Bliss enjoying her encore

shipping goat's milk soap to a military family in VA
goat's milk soap for sale in Old Barn Mercantile

older girls from past seasons got excited when the little ones came out
so they got a turn too
see you next year

~ Merry Christmas & Happy New Year ~

Merry & Bright

When snow falls and the temperature turns arctic, the barn is a welcome shelter on a long winter's night.  When the sunshine peeks out, the herd loves their daily walk to frisk and frolic.  Still, they are always happy to return to the cozy barn and plentiful hay feeders.

morning view

cozy barn when the temps turn arctic
not sure about this snow.....

venturing out
brave Serafina

Charlotte thinks snowflakes taste like gumdrops, or lemondrops,
or something

Snow Queen Iris

frosty noses
and eskimo kisses :)
it's a mad dash back to the barn!  Catori looks like a flying reindeer

merry & bright