Kidding Season 2016

2016 Nigerian Dwarf Kids

2016 kids are sold

Herd Health

We strive to keep our small herd of purebred Nigerian Dwarf goats happy & healthy. In August 2012 and again in June 2015, the herd tested negative for CAE, CL, Johnnes, Brucellosis, and TB, blood samples obtained and submitted by our veterinarian/lab tested by Cornell University (results available upon request).  We have purchased goats only from healthy, well-managed herds to ensure that the does, bucks, and their offspring remain healthy and disease-free.  We do not offer stud service or boarding that would involve other goats coming onto our property.

What's Included in the Sale

We want to ensure that each kid has the best possible start in life.  Each kid will receive probiotics, vitamin & mineral supplements, CDT vaccination, and dewormed while under our care.  Samples of grain and hay will be provided at pickup.  Kids will be weaned & eating/drinking on their own prior to release (at 8-12 wks).  Hooves will be trimmed.  I can demonstrate hoof trimming at pickup if requested.  Each doeling and buckling comes with their own completed & signed application for AGS registration (if applicable) and will receive a tattoo in each ear for registration & identification purposes.  All goats will receive beneficial probiotics prior to leaving to aid with the stresses associated with travel.  No animal will be sold unless we feel they are in optimum health.  We welcome any updates & photo's of the kids in their new loving homes!  

Please see our Sales Policy Page for additional information

Record of 2015 Kids

Calantha/James - March 16, 2015 (three wethers)

Kaia/Walker - May 12, 2015 (two doelings, one buckling)

Trillium/James - May 20, 2015 (three doelings)

Calabash/Apollo - June 4, 2015 (1 doeling, 2 bucklings)

Katima/Walker - June 5, 2015 (1 doeling)

Charlotte/Walker - August 14, 2015 (1 wether)

Kizzy - Not exposed to a buck last fall as I am milking her through this year.  She peaked at 6.1 lbs last season and is still milking strong at 4.0 lbs after over a year in milk!

Record of 2014 Kids

April 12, 2014 (Calantha: 2 bucklings, 1 doeling)
“Charlotte” doeling.  Blonde with white markings. Blue eyes. (Retained)
Wether1 - Castrated Male. Orange with white markings, frosted ears.  Blue eyes. (Sold)
Wether2- Castrated Male. Black, white, tan.  Brown eyes. (Sold)
April 14, 2014 (Kizzy: 1 buckling, 2 doelings)
“Levi” buckling.  Brown, black dorsal stripe, random white markings.  Blue eyes. (Sold)
“Katima” doeling.  Orange with gray moonspots.  Blue eyes. (Retained)
“Kaia” doeling.  Orange with random white markings, frosted ears and muzzle. Blue eyes. (Retained)
May 4, 2014 (Calabash: 1 buckling, 2 doelings)
“Cinnamon” buckling. Solid orange. Brown eyes. (Sold)
- “Coco” doeling.  Copper with black markings. Blue eyes. (Retained)
- “Claire” doeling. Orange with white markings. Frosted ears.  Blue eyes. (Sold)




Record of 2013 Kids


Spring 2013 kids are sold.  Cute and healthy!

Dam: Sugar Moon Calabash
Sire: Indigo Creek Farms Apollo
 Born 03-01-13
- 1 black/white male (sold)
- 1 white/tan male (sold)
- 1 female (retained)

Dam: Capsand Creamery Trillium
Sire: God's Love Farm FG James
Born 05-16-13
- 1 orange/white male- blue eyes (sold)
- 1 black/brown male- blue eyes (sold)

Dam: Sugar Moon Kizzy
Sire:  God's Love Farm FG James
Born 05-25-13
- 1 orange/white male (sold)
- 1 black/brown/white male- blue eyes (sold)

Record of 2012 Kids

Our first doe delivered on March 28, 2012.  Calabash had a set of triplets, 1 doeling and 2 bucklings.  Our second doe delivered on April 5, 2012.  Kizzy had a set of twins, 2 bucklings.  All kids were strong, healthy, and incredibly snuggly and cute!

Sleepy Mama - a few days before giving birth

Almost time!  TRIPLETS!!!

Cadence - our first doeling!

Kizzy's little one - Sold as a wether
Cala's triplets, cute bunch!
Cadence loves to cuddle
Brothers - Sold as wethers
Post-feeding, pre-naptime

Kizzy's little one - Sold as a buckling


Spring 2012 kids are sold.  Cute and healthy!

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