new barn roof

The Amish crew put a new roof on our barn this summer.  The goats don't seem to notice the difference :)


it's delicious!

Kaia's Kidding 2017

3rd freshener Sweet Land Kaia (x CapsandCreamery Walker) kidded triplets on 11 July 2017: 1 buckling and 2 doelings!  All gentle spirits like their mama.

J18 Doeling *blue eyes* light gold/white, white poll, wattles "Katydid"
J19 Doeling light gold/white, wattles "Blossom"
J20  Buckling gold, wattles "Simba"



Charlotte's Kidding 2017

3rd freshener Sweet Land Charlotte (x CapsandCreamery Walker) kidded twins on 11 July 2017: 2 large and vigorous bucklings.  They are flashy and full of personality.

J16 Buckling - "Milky Way" light buckskin, frosting
J17 Buckling - "Snickers" *blue eyes* brown white black tricolor, frosting, white poll, wattles



Sweet Tessia & Sequoia have a wonderful new home!

"Thank you so much for these sweet precious babies! The ride home went smoothly! Soft music and they laid right down lol. When we got them home we loved them up a bit and just allowed them to get acclimated to the inside portion of their new home, with grain, hay and water. We tucked them in and kissed them goodnight. I cannot thank you enough!"

Catori's Kidding 2017

FF Sweet Land Catori (x Zephyr) kidded twins on 23 June 2017: 1 doeling and 1 buckling.  Her kids are cuties, and Catori is now getting an early education in milk stand matters.  

J14 Doeling  "Java" dark buckskin
J15 Buckling "Mocha" light buckskin, white poll


I'm going to miss these two!  They are going as a pair to a new home:
Java as a future milker, Mocha as a wether