Iris's Kidding 2017

One of my favorite girls, Sweet Land Iris (x Indigo Creek Farms Apollo) had her first kidding 30 April 2017.   Triplets!  (This might be the year of the triplets.)  They resemble Kadence's kids: 2 that look like their dams and Apollo's flashy tricolor thrown in for fun.  Iris stands like a pro on the milk stand.  She has a nicely shaped udder and is easy to milk.  I'm hoping her production will increase next lactation.  Update: 3.3 lbs 4 wks fresh

J11 Buckling "Chutney" black/white roaning, frosting
J12 Doeling "Chardonnay" black/white roaning, frosting
J 13 Doeling "Chianti" tricolor

Chardonnay is a favorite - she reminds me of Iris

sweet Chianti

"little man"