Tripoli's kidding 2017

sweet things!

Sweet Land Tripoli (x Capsand Creamery Walker) kidded quads 
30 March 2017.  This was Tripoli's first kidding, and her kids share her looks and gentle and lively personality.  Tripoli has a nice udder with easy let down like her dam Trillium.  I'm hoping she shares her dam Trillium's length of lactation.  Update: 3.5 lbs 5 weeks fresh

J4 Doeling "Tessia": gold/white, white poll, frosted ears/nose
J5 Doeling "Tulsi": white/gold, wattles - RESERVED
J6 Doeling "Tulip": gold/white, white poll, frosted ears - RESERVED
J7 Buckling "Tamarack": gold/white - RESERVED





hours old  - tiny Tulip

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  1. Oh WOW! Quads for a ff? They are adorable! Congratulations Tripoli!