Kadence's Kidding 2017

Sweet Land Kadence (x Indigo Creek Farms Apollo) kidded triplets on 23 April 2017.  This is Kadence aka "Shadow Baby's" first kidding.  Kadence's dam Katima is one of my best milkers and it looks like her daughter is going to be a great milker too.  Her boys look and act just like her and her spunky girl got her color from Apollo's flashy good looks.  Update: 4.0 lbs 5 weeks fresh

J8 Buckling "Seneca" black, frosted ears/nose, wattles 
J9 Buckling "Sequoia" black, frosted ears/nose, wattles
J 10 Doeling "Sybil" tricolor, white, brown, gray, wattles 



Sybil, might be my favorite from this season - retaining :)

Chianti & Sybbie

stairs = fun!  mischievous girls.... busted!