Merry Christmas

Evergreen View Tree Farm
Season 2016

Cocoa Bliss enjoying her encore

shipping goat's milk soap to a military family in VA
goat's milk soap for sale in Old Barn Mercantile

older girls from past seasons got excited when the little ones came out
so they got a turn too
see you next year

~ Merry Christmas & Happy New Year ~

Merry & Bright

When snow falls and the temperature turns arctic, the barn is a welcome shelter on a long winter's night.  When the sunshine peeks out, the herd loves their daily walk to frisk and frolic.  Still, they are always happy to return to the cozy barn and plentiful hay feeders.

morning view

cozy barn when the temps turn arctic
not sure about this snow.....

venturing out
brave Serafina

Charlotte thinks snowflakes taste like gumdrops, or lemondrops,
or something

Snow Queen Iris

frosty noses
and eskimo kisses :)
it's a mad dash back to the barn!  Catori looks like a flying reindeer

merry & bright

Christmas trees

favorite winter-time treat
girls enjoying their tree
snuggled warm and cozy for a long winter's night
the boys get a tree too - Apollo's scratching post
James's version of posing pretty
Walker trying to look distinguished

Christmas cupcakes

holiday-themed cupcakes w/ black pepper + cardamom = spicy!

The milking girls are giving lots of milk right now, providing goat's milk butter for Christmas baking.  This special cupcake is spiced with cardamom & black pepper, and pairs perfectly with goat cheese frosting.  The girls always enjoy their treat of Winter Luxury pumpkin rind & seeds after the pumpkin is roasted.