Cala's quads

Catori ("spirit")
Kidding began with a bang and ended with a bang.  Sugar Moon Calabash (x Capsand Creamery Walker) kidded quads August 30, 2016. 3 males, 1 female. No one has kids cuter than Cala, times four!!!!  Like Coriander's delivery in April, Cala makes kidding quads look easy.  All goats and kids are lovin' the sunshine and rejuvenated fall pastures.  The bucks are ready for breeding but will have to wait a bit.  The main focus now is on milk production, and there's milk for the kids and soap making.  The new bars will be for sale this Christmas season on the tree farm. Hopefully enough so we won't sell out this time - along with some other new goodies.... :)

Doeling: buckskin, white poll, frosted ears - RETAINED
Wether1: gold with wattles, frosted ears - SOLD
Wether2: gold - SOLD
Buckling: brown/black chamoise - SOLD

all together now
flashy markings
silly buddy brothers

1 Day Old