Fun in the Sun

trio of sisters - Caprice, Narcissa, & Rosemary
green grass - it's spring!

Nellie's Quads

Sugar Moon O Coriander ("Nellie") kidded 3 doelings and 1 buckling on April 14!  She was bred to our buck God's Love Farm James.  Nellie did fantastic, and she is a first freshener.  Nellie's sire is NC Promisedland RC Odyssey*S.  She has the funniest personality and flashy moonspots.  

gold doeling "Narcissa" - RETAINED
dark buckskin doeling "Caprice" - RETAINED
gold doeling, blue eyes "Rosalie" - RETAINED
chocolate buckskin wether "Crusoe" - SOLD

Bella and Nellie


Lactic acid ripened chevre 
with French cheese ash + penicillium candidum

My first foray into aging a mold-ripened chevre.  This is after 14 days of aging in the cheese cellar.  It has piquancy with a clean acidic tang that is sharper than fresh chevre, and some nuttiness as well which is delightful.  The texture is deliciously smooth and creamy.  And no off-flavors - just pure goat's milk goodness!  Cheesemaking is a magical, archetypal process:  Starting with caring for the goats, milking them daily, to ripening the milk, to draining the curds, to molding, to aging......  and at last savoring the final product.