The herd loves their daily walks in the sunshine and fresh air.



Update on Wethers Thor & Loki:

They are doing great!!!  They love to just wander around the yard when we are outside.  They stay right with us.  They are better behaved then my dog!  Thank you so much we are truly enjoying having them.  



Charlotte (x Walker) kidded a single buckling on August 14, 2015.  Her 1st kidding was quick and easy.  It took place during the daytime and not at midnight - daylight kiddings were not the usual this year. Cimarron is a handsome buckskin like his sire and also shares his dam's beautiful blue eyes. His name means "wild one," and he is proving to be both a free spirit and cuddler like darlin' Charlotte.  Despite being the smallest in the herd, he keeps up with the other goats on the woods walks.  When he gets tired of exploring, he loves to snooze on somebody's lap.

Just born

"Wild One" exploring the woods


Calabash's wethers, Thor & Loki, will soon be going to their
wonderful new home & family!


Blue Willow, Tiger Lily & Ruby have a new home with their wonderful family.  They are loving their daily walks and beautiful new barn!


Lily & Shadow Baby became good buddies & were the last 
of the spring kids to be weaned.

Herd in Pasture

Summertime and the livin' is easy.  It has been a rainy spring in Northern New York but now the sun is shining and the goats' antics are fun to watch outdoors.  They love to run and play.  When together in the pasture, the younger kids learn goat behavior in a herd setting and how to graze and drink water from a pail by modeling the older herd members.

Spring '15 kids


Katima's Doeling

Sweet Land Katima (x Capsand Creamery Walker) give birth to a single doeling on June 5, 2015.  All went well with Katima's first-time kidding!  Her doeling is a gorgeous solid black with frosted ears, beautiful blue eyes and (inherited from her sire Walker), wattles!  We are very pleased that Katima delivered a doeling this spring.  Katima has freshened with a capacious udder, and good teat size with large orifices.  Like her sister Kaia, she is extremely easy to milk.  

We are Retaining"Kadence"

"Kadence" is quiet and cuddly

Cala's Triplets

Wethers are Sold, "Calla Lilly" is Sold

Sugar Moon Calabash (x Indigo Creek Apollo) kidded triplets on June 4, 2015.  2 bucklings and 1 doeling!  I love her flashy black & white markings.  All kids are robust and energetic.  Pregnancy never slows Cala down and her delivery was quick and easy once again.  I value easy birthing and vigorous kids in my herd - Cala and her kids always pass this test with flying colors.  

he's smiling
flashy markings in "Calla Lily"


Trillium's Triplets

"Tiger Lily" & "Tuscany" are Sold.  We are retaining "Tripoli"

Capsand Creamery Trillium (x God's Love James) delivered three doelings this kidding season on May 20.  After a long lactation milking her through last year, she is now back on the milk stand and doing terrific.  I was very pleased this time she delivered her kids without assistance and all three were healthy and strong.  Since last kidding, Trillium has improved in stamina and appetite and is now eating her full portion of grain.  Her three doelings resemble their dam in looks and share her sweet, gentle personality!  They have serious dairy potential as well.

tiny tiny


just a day old

Tripoli goes exploring


Tiger Lily

floppy ears