Update: Levi & Walker

Last fall, Christine from Capsand Creamery in Vermont contacted me to discuss the potential of buying a blue-eyed buckling from Sugar Moon Kizzy/God's Love James.  I was excited about this and, wanting to bring new blood into my own herd, wondered if she would trade a buckling from her herd for one from mine.  The answer was "Yes!"  So in the Spring, both of us awaited kidding time with expectation.... and Kizzy and Andromeda kidded healthy vigorous bucklings!  When the boys were weaned, Christine traveled here to Northern New York from Vermont and the trade was made.  Capsand Creamery Walker and Sweet Land Levi have been growing well this summer and both have the calm and endearing personalities I treasure in Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats.....

Sweet Land Levi

Capsand Creamery Walker