Triplets, Times Three!

Sweet Land Charlotte

This is the spring of triplets for Sweet Land Nigerians.  7 out of 9 of the babies have blue eyes, and 5 are girls.  Even first-year Calantha kidded 3 babies.  Her blonde-colored spitfire Charlotte has become an unexpected favorite.  Kizzy followed soon after with a handsome, robust buckling and - hallelujah - 2 beautiful vigorous doelings.  After a long run of males, it was worth the wait - Katima “powerful daughter” and Kaia “wise little one.”  Needless to say, we have high expectations for the milking capabilities of these girls next spring, a combination of their dam Kizzy and sire James.  Their strong and smart personalities have secured places in our hearts.  We hope the calm and steady buckling Levi will make a strong sire someday.

Finally, Calabash kidded triplets as well, 2 cute little doelings and a bonus buckling.  Like all Cala’s kids, they have sweet personalities with a bit of mischief mixed in.  Trillium will have her time in the spotlight later this year, paired with James in preparation for another lactation.  We are thankful all mamas and babies are healthy.  The pregnant mamas came through this winter of transitions with vigor and spunk, and proved again what versatile creatures goats are.  What better way to enjoy spring and the reward of hard work and dedication, in the sweet personalities and sparkly eyes of baby goats!

Capsand Creamery Trillium enjoying spring pasture
Cala and daughter Calantha grazing the new grass

beautiful Kaia and handsome Levi
Sugar Moon Calabash

Kaia "wise little one"
Katima and Charlotte soaking up the sunshine
Kaia and her brother Levi
learning to graze
Sweet Land Calantha
Kaia figures out how to eat grass

Sugar Moon Kizzy