Growing bigger


Kidding Season 2014 Begins!

what a cute bunch - Kizzy and Calantha's triplets!
first-born of the season
just born
Levi just born
just born
Katima "powerful daughter" (of Kizzy!)
Calantha's triplets
full bellies, happy babies one day old
Cala's cuties
blue eyes

Spring arrives, tally ho!


the men prepare trees for tapping maple sap

Spring Snapshots
- Gathering sap from the maple trees: our breakfast pancakes are saturated with fresh maple syrup
- Robins arrive: a welcome sight
- Baby chicks are growing

- Female duck commences laying eggs: the 2nd generation mating pair was hatched from last summer’s eggs
- Garden seeds are ready for planting: green thumbs are itching
- Mud season:  rainboots are a North Country necessity
- Geese return
- Open windows and fresh spring breezes

The goats love soaking up the sunlight outside.  Their springtime frolics in the sunshine and fresh air are a joy to watch.  Bucks have spring fever and recommence head butting and jostling for the ladies’ attention.  The girls, of course, pay them no mind.  They have more important things on their mind, as anticipation builds for spring kidding time!

Cala and daughter soaking up the spring sunshine

awwww..... Cala

baby chicks

who knew pregnant goats crave chocolate brownies?
 no caprine was harmed in the taking of this photo :-)

more fluffy soft baby chicks

Cala and Trillium soaking up the spring sunshine