Walk in the Summer Woods

“The Igbo of Nigeria tell their children, if lost in the wilderness follow a goat, she always knows the way back home. I’ve been following these goats back home each day, but where they led me surprises me still.”   Brad Kessler, Goat Song
the herd (+ 1 dog)

We have been taking the girls and kids for walks in the woods.  They love it!  We laugh so much at their antics.  The little kids are energetic and full of fun.  Soon this year’s babies will go to new homes and it will be back to the originals, with the addition of Calantha, who replaces big sister Cadence as the baby of the group.  I am putting together lots of herbal mixes to use in the coming months.  Using traditional herbs is key to our herd management, maximizes the girls’ health, and is in keeping with their heritage.  Kizzy, Cala, and Trillium are providing plenty of milk in their 3rd lactations.  I am once again making yoghurt in 1 gallon batches at a time.  Goat’s milk ice cream is a perfect treat on summer evenings.  Chevre and fresh mozzarella cheesemaking has also started up again, with garden fresh herbs.  Toasted homemade bagels and fresh Chevre & mozzarella.  YUM!  Summertime!

Cadence & Trillium
 in the blackberry briars  
the little kids join in the fun too!
the first girls born under "Sweet Land" - a sassy pair of sweethearts