Trillium's Twins - 2013

 Update: Sold

Capsand Creamery Trillium gave birth to 2 male kids just before midnight, May 16.  They are healthy and doing well.  Both have blue eyes.  Sadly, she also gave birth to a breech buckling, stillborn.  After the initial disappointment, what a surprise to see not one, but two more kids ready to come out at the same time and causing a traffic jam in her birth canal.  After a bit of human assistance and patient determination from Trillium, both were safely out into the world.  Trillium was quiet and patient through everything and determined to deliver her babies.  They were soon nursing from Trillium, tiny miracles.

Trillium has a beautiful maternal instinct and it is a joy to watch her interact with her kids.  Her udder is buttery soft and her teats easily expressed.  She stands perfectly on the milkstand.  Christine, Trillium’s former owner, has a special place in her heart for Trillium and has been very supportive since we bought Trillium from her last summer.  Last spring in Vermont, Trillium had a difficult post-pregnancy and the herd dynamics at Capsand Creamery weren't best for her recovery.  I am grateful to Christine for trusting Trillium to my care, and I hope that she continues to do well in this lactation.  I will keep a close eye on her throughout the coming months.  It is evident to me that she was well-loved and she is a joy to have. 

Christine retained Titanium, Trillium’s precious only girl from last season and now Christine's favorite doe.  She reports that she has an incredible udder and great capacity this spring, her first lactation.  With the combination of genetics, personality, and flashy looks, Titanium is a superb combination and I hope to likewise retain at least one female from Trillium in the future.  With James as their sire, Trillium’s 2 little guys from this year's kidding will have gentle calm spirits and affectionate personalities.  We will enjoy them for the next several weeks before they leave for their new home!