Cala's Triplets - 2013

Update: Males Sold (Jen), Female Retained 

Spring kidding season has begun!  Sugar Knoll Calabash gave birth to three beautiful, healthy babies ~ two males and one female ~ around 8:00 pm on Friday, March 1.  They are all doing great.  This is too much fun!

The largest kid - he has a lot of vigor and loves to play.

Introducing "Calantha" (lovely blossom) - she has the sweetest personality and loves to be held.  I think she will take after her mama.

The little guy - he has a gentle spirit and enjoys cuddles.


  1. Such lovely pictures. They are all adorable! Congratulations! We are still waiting for our first kids of the season. Best of luck for more happy deliveries and delicious milk, Christine.

  2. sawboldt3/07/2013

    Beautiful pictures and beautiful babies! It was great to get to see them in person this morning--thank you! It's easy to see the love and care you and your family put into your animals.